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Our Mission


The Association of Chinese Traditional Medicine and Bodywork is founded with the mission to
connect with teachers, practitioners, students, and other individuals who have an interest in
the traditional practice of Chinese Medicine and Bodywork.

This is not a business organization. We do not offer programs, courses, seminars, or run
establishments that provide services. Our main goal is to create a network of resources by
communicating with qualified experts to provide information on all topics related to the study and
practice of Chinese Medicine and Bodywork. However, we do make referrals upon request for certified,
qualified, and legitimate teachers and practitioners.

Finally, this organization advocates and promotes scientific, rational approaches to Chinese Medicine and
Bodywork to complement modern Western Medicine and Science.

Our objectives include


     Disseminating information regarding state and municipal regulations on the practice of
       Chinese Medicine and Bodywork


            Assisting qualified (through education and training) and legitimate practitioners to obtain
       professional licenses and permits

            Providing training and certification information of Chinese Medicine and Bodywork schools in
       Asia - in particular, schools in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philipines, and Thailand


            Providing community business, insurance, promotion, and job placement information to all
       practitioners. Making information on legal assistance available to all practitioners


We do not promote self-interest of individuals - all our advisors and associates are volunteers
We do not have interests in financial gains - we don't have anything to sell
We do not advertise services for payment - we make referrals based on verifiable merits
We do not demand our members to follow any private agenda - we ask only for mutual respect